Clonewise is a tool to detect package-level clones.

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Not Working?

If the results are not what you expect - for example, if no output is shown, or you think the service crashed - then submit a bug report to Bugzilla. Include the md5 hash of the zip archive or binary causing problems. We'll try to fix it or help you out as soon as possible.

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Package Clones

Code clones are duplicated fragments of code. Package-level clones tell us when an entire package, like a library, is copied or embedded in another piece of software. Some people refer to these clones as embedded code copies. Think libpng embedded in Firefox.

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Why is it Bad?

The problem with clones is that the cloned code isn't often updated. Everytime a vulnerability occurs in libpng or libtiff, every single clone of that in an operating system must be individual patched or updated. Using system wide libraries solve this problem.

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